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Please note that some of my work cannot be shared for confidentiality reasons.


Treatment persistence and switching patterns of ABP 501 in European patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Remdesivir does not affect mitochondrial DNA copy number or deletion mutation frequency in aged male rats: A short report, PLOS One.

Colonization of the live biotherapeutic product VE303 and modulation of the microbiota and metabolites in healthy volunteers, Cell Host and Microbe. 

Accelerated barrier repair in human skin explants induced with a plant-derived PPAR-α activating complex via cooperative interactions, Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology.

MtDNA alterations in aged macrophage migration inhibitory factor-knockout mice, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development.

Coordinate regulation of lipid metabolism by novel nuclear receptor partnerships, PLOS Genetics.

CME Needs Assessment

PSMA-targeted PET for the imaging of advanced prostate cancer.


Insulin in the Brain. Neuroscience Education Institute. 

Gut Microbiome: Next Frontier of Precision Medicine.

On the Trail of Telomeres.


Predictors of Cancer Immune Responsiveness to Checkpoint Inhibitors [NanoString Technologies]. Springer Protocols.


Parkinson’s Foundation (Genetics & Parkinson’s)

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